Dear Members,


The Cyprus-Italian Business Association was established in September 2002 under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has the full support of the Italian Embassy in Nicosia.

Cyprus' accession to the EU on 1 May 2004 marked a new era not only for the island but also for EU Member States, as Cyprus, in the most southeastern post of EU, forms a "bridge" between three continents.

Our Mission

To foster and enhance trade and commercial ties between the Republic of Cyprus and Italy. Our primary focus is to develop the means by which Cypriot and Italian businessmen, entrepreneurs and traders can meet and explore potential collaboration.

This will be achieved by the organization of seminars, trade missions, fairs and exhibitions. "Networking" in this manner, will assist our members to locate products, services and business partners.

Furthermore, the Association will offer advice to its members on how best to introduce and promote their companies in the markets of both countries. In this way, we shall purport to establish stronger business, trade and economic bonds between Cyprus and Italy.

Our Aims

The main aims of the Association, as indicated in its Memorandum are to:

  1. Encourage our members to strengthen the economic and trade relations with Italy;

  2. Facilitate, co-ordinate and improve trade relations between Cyprus and Italy;

  3. Enlighten, educate and inform Italian businessmen, traders and entrepreneurs of the Cyprus environment of doing business;

  4. Promote Cyprus as the most attractive jurisdiction to invest and do international business;

  5. Create and maintain regular communication with various business communities in both countries and further update an already existing comprehensive database of the CCCI with useful contacts.

We look forward to working with our members, in close collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Italian Embassy in Nicosia, in order to promote our members' interests and activities, and advise them on new business opportunities and business trends in both countries.

Joseph G. Hadjihannas
Nicosia, May 2007

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