The Cyprus-Italian Business Association is carrying on its activity under the best auspices and in a very interesting time.

Economic relations between the two Countries are growing. Italy is the second exporting Country to Cyprus and the third destination market for Cyprus goods.

On this regard, the Cyprus-Italian Business Association can give an important and substantial contribution to make commercial and economic linkages between the two countries even more intense.

Italian Embassy appreciates the cooperation with the Cyprus-Italian Business Association and it is looking forward to boost this cooperation. It is a common goal to realize a Country presentation of Cyprus in Italy and to attract Italian franchising companies to Cyprus.

Italians are becoming more and more aware of the fact that they have acquired (or better regained) very good partners, who share their mentality, flexibility and creativity. Cypriots are realizing that in Italy - also thanks to the dimensions of the local enterprises (mainly small and the medium size) - they may find an experience, which may prove useful in their new European dimension.

I would like therefore to express to the Association my best wishes for playing an important role in facilitating Cypriots and Italians to work more and more together, in the interests of both sides, following their common European path.

I said a wish but, as a matter of fact, this is an understatement. The Association has already proved to be able to work and achieve results for this purpose.

Luigi Napolitano
Ambassador of Italy
Nicosia, September 2007

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